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Hugo, Girl!

Dec 7, 2021

In this special episode, we learn all of physics, courtesy of amazing physicist Emily Duden! Hear the answers to burning questions like "would a flashlight be useless for a person traveling at the speed of light" and "will I stay young forever if I just never leave an airplane" and "is Interstellar a bunch...

Dec 1, 2021

What’s not to love about 800 years of a straight man’s discomfited rumination on “homolife?”

This month we read Joe Haldeman's military sci-fi classic, The Forever War. Your DM for this episode is Lori!

Music by Eon:

TW/CW: homophobia, compulsory sex


Nov 3, 2021

This month we discussed Isaac Asimov's groundbreaking novel about various pairs of dudes scheming in rooms for over a century.

Your DM for Foundation is Amy!

CW/TW: sexual harassment/assault at cons (especially by Asimov)

Music by Eon:


Nov 2, 2021

We discussed Denis Villeneuve's new movie adaptation of Dune. We liked it a lot!

Recommended reading:

Recommended listening:

Music by Eon: https://

Oct 6, 2021

It's our Halloween Spooktacular! This month for spooky season we read and discussed Retro Hugo nominee The Uninvited by Dorothy Macardle. Published in 1941 under the dubious title Uneasy Freehold, this book is chock full of our favorite things: ghosts, breakfasts, lesbians, and a nice orange cat. It has a great twist so...