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Hugo, Girl!

Jun 1, 2022

At long last, we discussed our oft-referenced favorite tale of Terror (and Erebus), Dan Simmons' 2007 novel The Terror, a fictionalized and dubiously supernatural account of the Franklin Expedition. Is it Peak Dan Simmons? Yes, it is! Is it as good the second time? No, it isn't! Did we still LOVE discussing it so much that we talked for nearly two hours, which Kevin has painstakingly pared down to 90 minutes? You betcha!

Haley is both the captain and ship's cook for this episode. She made us pea soup and custom-monogrammed hardtack to fuel our discussion.

Amy joined us remotely due to having a bit of a cough, hence the slight difference in sound quality. Safety first!

CW/TW: Every -ism. Sexism, racism, colonialism. Violence against indigenous people. Hypersexualization of indigenous women. Violence, murder, cannibalism, death. If it's upsetting, it's in here. Yikes!

Episode transcripts available via:

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