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Hugo, Girl!

Dec 4, 2019

This one was a classic, y'all! December's selection was Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama — a meditation on the power of awe, ancient alien life, gravity-defying space boobs,  genetically engineered monkeys masquerading as house elves, and more.

Nov 20, 2019

Presenting our very first minisode! We had forgotten a few things and had some extra news to share, so voila! Salient points include:

-follow-up snake research

-our Robert J. Sawyer mail correspondence

-a shout-out to Hugos There, our counterpart podcast


Nov 6, 2019

It's here! The day everyone who doesn't read a lot of obscure sci-fi has waited for! Your favorite space crones read J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. 

Listen as we delve into our Hogwarts houses, patroni, and wand types. We'll also get into some incredible tangents about magical contracts, house elf...

Oct 2, 2019

This month, we read Robert J. Sawyer's Hominids, the first in his Neanderthal Parallax series. (CW: discussion of sexual violence from an early scene in the novel.) 

This book is a wild ride — it asks the question "what if Neanderthals became the dominant human species?" that no one ever asked. Neanderthals are all...

Sep 4, 2019

Howdy fair Hugonauts! This week, we dove into the sci-fi classic "The Left Hand of Darkness" by reigning queen of the genre Ursula K. Leguin. This book won both the Hugo AND Nebula award in 1970, proving that Ms. Leguin is, indeed, the GOAT. 


Be sure to look out for diversions into horses and hardtack and Arctic...